Teachers Always Learning with Rob Dean

While (not particularly) waiting for school to start again, primary and secondary teachers of English may attend free CPD events in as many as five cities, thanks to the Faculty of Political Sciences and Pearson Akronolo. We can welcome Rob Dean as the guest speaker at these forums, conveniently titled “Developing Real Life Communication” (Yes, I am a fan of the Real Life series).


Developing Real Life Communication ELT Forum

                When & Where:

25 August 2014   Niš

26 August 2014   Kruševac

27 August 2014   Kragujevac

28 August 2014   Novi Sad

29 August 2014  Belgrade


Rob Dean, on behalf of Pearson


Session 1: Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say – Developing Real Life Communication

“Many may remember speaking in a foreign language in their school days as merely being oral repetition of grammar structures, reciting language that was designed with little regard for communicative relevance or true meaning. Things of course have changed, and the classroom of today is much more closely geared towards preparing learners to communicate for real in English for a variety of purposes, be it for business, travel or leisure purposes. This session will look at practical ways of aiding the development of the speaking skill, and will pay particular attention to the importance of REAL functional English as opposed to the artificial grammaticised variety from the classrooms of years gone by.”

Session 2: Things to do on Monday

“Preparation-free, student-centred, age-adaptable, multi-sensory, materials-free, highly versatile… do these describe the sort of language practice activities that you like? If so, come and join us for a selection of highly practical ways of adding a bit of spice to next Monday’s lesson (as well as Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s…)”


Please, register either online or call Pearson Office in Serbia at  +381 11 301 88 38; or contact their local representatives.


More info:


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