Reflective teaching & “Сазнали на семинару, применили у пракси 2013”

Once you are done with your classes and administration, you might want to use your precious time to extend your reflective teaching practice: to pour your thoughts on the CPD events you attended and showcase your own classroom cooking based on the tips and recipes provided at the seminars accredited by the Serbian MoE. And there may be a further incentive: call for submissions by ZUOV ‘Сазнали на семинару, применили у пракси 2013(~ Learnt at a seminar, put into practice 2013).

To view the top forty entries in 2012 click here; and the twenty-three entries for 2011 are awaiting you here.

The deadline is 31 August 2013.

Even if you do not wish to send in your work, putting your thoughts on paper, or whatever device you prefer, might give you the right boost and direction for the next year and maybe even assist you in better planning your further CPD, or – if you cannot let go of Grumpy Cat, Statler & Waldorf – what kind of seminars you actually want to steer away from and why.

Merriam-Webster’s Looking at Words: A Photo Contest

You and your students still have a few days left to enter Merriam-Webster’s photo contest:

“It’s partly a photo contest, partly a word challenge. We’re looking for photos and definitions that come together in a thought-provoking, clever, or humorous way. We hope you have fun with it. (By the way, you can see some sample entries on the contest home page.)”

The deadline is 26 May 2013.

Even if you do not participate, you certainly might find yourself enjoying some of the entries, such as this one submitted by Dee Robertson-Lee:


serene: marked by or suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose or quietude


More info

“Britain As I Remember It” sports photo competition

Got an (old) sports photo from GB? Then you also got a sporting chance to win some prizes. 

Britanija koju pamtim

The forthcoming holiday season may be fruitful in so many ways. If you got the time, you could browse through the photos of your previous visits to British soil. Why?

Citizens of Serbia who have visited the UK and there captured a moment spent in a sports environment, on a playground, at a stadium, a tennis court, in a gym, etc., are invited to submit their photos and seize the opportunity to win a trip to London!


The deadline to submit up to three photos with descriptions is 1 February 2012.

“Britain As I Remember It” sports photo competition is organized by the British Embassy in Belgrade. It is also a nice way to connect with the 30th Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London and the global sporting spirit.


How busy a teacher are you?

Upload a photo of your true self as a busy bee or an eager beaver, and finally get awarded by BUSYTEACHER for all the multitasking and other amazing things you do 24/7.

You could win a $150 Scholastic Teacher Store voucher, a self-guided online Teaching Business English course, an annual membership to and, as well as useful books and flashcard collections.

(Nay, it can’t be another facebook photo contest that collects personal information and invades your cyberspace.)

Free lunch? A chance for YLE teachers

If you teach learners aged 12 or younger, take part in Young Learners English Language Teaching Survey 2011 by Cambridge University Press.  You could be the lucky winner of an iPod Touch. Or not. But worth a try.