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For state school teachers: You can find the catalogue of the coursebook approved by ME for 2014-2015 here.


A couple of reminders:


NELTA and the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš are organizing a round-table discussion titled “Уџбеници у настави енглеског језика: за континуитет у развијању ученичких компетенција“, with a lot of important points to cover, also providing separate sessions for primary and secondary teachers. In additional to getting a Certificate of CPD and 1 accredited point, you can share your insights and find answers or guidelines to some of the problems that ail you: what are the procedures when selecting a coursebook, what things to consider, what competencies should students master at what stage, etc.

Where: the Faculty of Philosophy, Niš

When: 17 May 2014

It would help if you found time to fill in this survey by the organizers.

The agenda and more info here.

Come to ELTA Conference! (2-in-1)

Just a quick note:

In case you really needed an extra reason to come to Belgrade for the twelfth ELTA Serbia Conference,

Registration Open: 12th ELTA Conference

please be informed that the very weekend of the conference you may get additional good vibes should you decide to join the eleventh Museum Night 

Noć muzeja

  • or enjoy another On High Heels concert by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra,

  • or indulge in one of the many plays ….

and I better stop here lest the quick note become a regular full-length post.

So, why not come to the 12th ELTA Serbia Conference “BACK TO THE FUTURE”?

A special Jane Austen treat by the British Council

Although Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice turned two hundred on 28 January 2013,  you might extend the bicentenary celebrations this summer:

Join One must speak a little you know! (or how Lizzie got her man), a British Council seminar, livestreamed on 12 June 2013 (20:00-21:15 CET).

What can you expect?

“Join Jeremy Harmer and the Bingham String Quartet (plus singing) for an evening of Jane Austen’s sparkling conversations together with the music of her age and ideas on how to bring Jane Austen into the English language classroom.”

(I am sure that either you or a very close friend of yours must have been a huge fan of Jane Austen, or Mr. Darcy for that matter.)


Days of European Film in Novi Sad

The Days of European Film brings 11 films in Novi Sad. The festival, which lasts from 27 May till 1 June, is organized by the Novi Sad City Library and EUNIC.

The first film at the festival is the 45-minute documentary I Married a Serb, for which teachers of English may use the following A2 or B1 level resource packs.

To learn more about the festival programme click here

For free tickets visit the city library’s FB page.


Special Educational Needs Conference: Challenges and solutions

Special Educational Needs Conference: Challenges and solutions, a conference on special educational needs and inclusive classroom, is held in Sava Centre in Belgrade on 7 June 2013. It is organised by the British Council.

The event will be an opportunity to learn from British experience and gain practical insight into relevant regulations, as well as teacher training needs and opportunities. The conference also provides workshops tackling dyslexia, ADHD, general challenges of inclusive learning…

There is no attendance fee. The event shall also be broadcast online.

The conference agenda, as well as some info on the presenters, the plenaries and the workshops can be viewed here.

To register, fill out this form or go to

Have your voice heard at the 2nd national CPD conference

The Second National Conference on Continuing Professional Development of Teachers of English will be held at Hyatt in Belgrade on 16 March 2013. The event is organised by the British Council.

The conference agenda and invitation letter 

Why attend?

  • To find out about the results of a research on CPD of teachers of English in Serbia;
  • To get acquainted with the CPD framework for teachers of English;
  • To get inspired (or pensive) having heard the testimonies of three teachers about their own CPD;
  • To have a better insight into relevant Serbian CPD regulations;
  • To learn about CPD in Montenegro;
  • To have your say and get the right answers – join in three round-table discussions and shape the future of CPD.

The conference will be attended by representatives of the British Council; the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the Institute for the Improvement of Education;  the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Administration, and National Communities; professional associations YALS and ELTA; publishers, and universities.

Public hearing on foreign languages standards

A public hearing on foreign languages standards for secondary education is organized on Monday, 25 February in the premises of the First Belgrade Grammar School (61 Cara Dusana, Belgrade). The event starts at 6:30 pm.  Please attend.

Click here to view the draft of the core/achievement standards for foreign languages


‘Withholding the image’ with Jamie Keddie in Belgrade

It is thanks to YALS (the Association of Language Schools of Serbia) and the British Council that (at least some) teachers of English in Serbia will have the opportunity to attend Withholding the Image, a seminar by Jamie Keddie.

Jamie Keddie is a European-based teacher, teacher trainer, writer and presenter. He is the founder of Lessonstream, the site that was formerly known as TEFLclips, winner of a British Council ELTons award. His publications include Images in the Resource Books for Teachers series published by Oxford University Press. Jamie is an associate trainer at NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) in the UK and a training partner with Macenta Academy in Istanbul.”

The event will take place at Guarnerius in Belgrade on 23 March 2013.

Explore Cultural, Microcultural and Environmental Contexts

Another real treat awaits us:  the second module of the “Kultura u učionici – učionica u kulturi” accredited seminar at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad on 11 March 2012.

We all know that one cannot truly master a language without getting to know its culture, but as is the case with many languages, the question is how to do it and how many (sub)cultures does a language ‘have’?

Српски / Srpski: Filozofski fakultet Univerzit...

Image via Wikipedia

At this seminar, teachers will have an opportunity to learn more about intercultural communication and take part in activities that can help our students appreciate integrating cultural aspects in their learning. In addition to understanding other cultures, our students should also be able to explain elements of their own culture.

Special attention will be paid to various microcultural contexts. The participants will also have an opportunity to investigate the cultural aspects of successful business communication. Language correctness and stereotypes are other areas that are both fun and a must to know.  Something new in teacher development in Serbia is also learning about the environmental contexts that may hinder or foster our communication.

Registration deadline: 25 February 2012

The magical storytelling of Charles Dickens

We beg you to be informed that British Council Seminars will have made it possible to watch  “Bent and broken into a better shape: the magical storytelling of Charles Dickens” streamlined live on the Dickens pages on TeachingEnglish. The seminar itself will be hosted in London on 9 February 2012, as part of the Dickens bicentenary celebrations. Jeremy Harmer and Steve Bingham bring Dickens’ magic live through readings and music.