Reflective teaching & “Сазнали на семинару, применили у пракси 2013”

Once you are done with your classes and administration, you might want to use your precious time to extend your reflective teaching practice: to pour your thoughts on the CPD events you attended and showcase your own classroom cooking based on the tips and recipes provided at the seminars accredited by the Serbian MoE. And there may be a further incentive: call for submissions by ZUOV ‘Сазнали на семинару, применили у пракси 2013(~ Learnt at a seminar, put into practice 2013).

To view the top forty entries in 2012 click here; and the twenty-three entries for 2011 are awaiting you here.

The deadline is 31 August 2013.

Even if you do not wish to send in your work, putting your thoughts on paper, or whatever device you prefer, might give you the right boost and direction for the next year and maybe even assist you in better planning your further CPD, or – if you cannot let go of Grumpy Cat, Statler & Waldorf – what kind of seminars you actually want to steer away from and why.


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