Do a class project and join the Cambridge English exams centenary celebrations!

The end of school year is the perfect time to swing into action and do a project: it is the fun way to revise grammar points and functional exponents, recycle vocabulary, integrate IT and other 21st century skills, and create a tangible memorabilia that your students, their parents or you yourself will cherish.  Student-driven projects usually mean motivated students busy in your classroom, genuinely interested in language and other students’ work.

Class projects are also a great tool for assessment: you can identify not only language areas that need to be worked on, but also what makes your students tick, learn more about their group dynamics – both in class and online, their level of digital literacy. All the data gathered can help a teacher in developing better plans for next year for the particular class.

You might be in for a surprise, a pleasant one: While developing pages for their school diary, a student of mine wrote an apology for his classmate for something that had happened years ago and brought tears in her eyes.  Yes, class projects almost always result in a breakthrough, at some level.


Centenary Competition for Schools 2013

So, if you are already doing a project with your students, why don’t you join the Cambridge English exams worldwide centenary celebrations as one of the Penfriends schools? Or, perhaps, you could get inspired by the range of activities for different ages and language levels provided for the 10 themes to choose from:

  • The world cam
    e to our house today
  • Friends forever
  • How English will improve my future
  • Our class diary
  • Welcome to my home town
  • My street
  • Our class
  • My ideal school
  • Create your own invention
  • Away from home for one year.

Pen Friends

Cambridge English Centenary Competition for Schools 2013 is a worldwide competition open to any school offering compulsory education and teaching English to students between the ages of 5 and 19 years old.

  • Competition deadline: 31 October 2013
  • Register as a Penfriend school, work on a class project (The world came to our house today, Friends forever, How English will improve my future, Our class diary, Welcome to my home town, My street, Our class, My ideal school, Create your own invention, Away from home for one year) and share it with your partner.
  • Only one entry per school.
  • Prizes: The first prize:  educational equipment to the value of £3,000. Two runners-up: educational equipment to the value of £1,000.

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