Explore Cultural, Microcultural and Environmental Contexts

Another real treat awaits us:  the second module of the “Kultura u učionici – učionica u kulturi” accredited seminar at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad on 11 March 2012.

We all know that one cannot truly master a language without getting to know its culture, but as is the case with many languages, the question is how to do it and how many (sub)cultures does a language ‘have’?

Српски / Srpski: Filozofski fakultet Univerzit...

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At this seminar, teachers will have an opportunity to learn more about intercultural communication and take part in activities that can help our students appreciate integrating cultural aspects in their learning. In addition to understanding other cultures, our students should also be able to explain elements of their own culture.

Special attention will be paid to various microcultural contexts. The participants will also have an opportunity to investigate the cultural aspects of successful business communication. Language correctness and stereotypes are other areas that are both fun and a must to know.  Something new in teacher development in Serbia is also learning about the environmental contexts that may hinder or foster our communication.

Registration deadline: 25 February 2012


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