#30Goals: Me Manifesto drafted. Well, sort of.

Goal 1 or the first part of the first challenge within the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators 2012 (Thank you, Shelly & Lisa!) was to create our own Me Manifesto, about what makes us tick, our beliefs about learning and what kind of ideals we carry in our classroom.

It has certainly made me think. And then think again. Start drafting. Then reorganize, feel at a loss, start over, take some photos, and plunge into it.

Here is an overview of the manifesto (a trailer?), created using Animoto. It is called the Copycat Me Manifesto because it is organized around well-known mottos (white font used), which served as the basis for highlighting some key things (no copycatting here) that I genuinely care about in my classroom when it comes to my students.

Below is the longer version. It contains a lot of I shalls, as it has been created also so as to help me stay on track.

Typically, only after finalising the image, I realised that it can be only a draft, as it fails to communicate or hint all those things that make me tick. As a consolation, I might claim that some of these issues, such as going green and raising consumers’ awareness, are embedded in the ‘relevant and topical issues’. Then again, I have been around for too long a time to have but few things that make me tick.

I am a language teacher. We teach how to communicate, how to think, react and express ourselves using words, body language and more – how to interact with the world. No wonder that a greater part of my manifesto is not about language structures. And this is something I really like about my job, my profession, my calling.


One thought on “#30Goals: Me Manifesto drafted. Well, sort of.

  1. Hi! I think you make great points about a manifesto in general. One of the things that inspired this goal was seeing one of my favorite movies again, Jerry Maquire. And we have known manifestos in general to be long documents outlining beliefs. For the short-term goal we think about what makes us tick and daily we contribute to fleshing it out so I agree it’s always in a draft form.

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