OUP Day announced: Make haste while ye may

The registration process for the Oxford University Press ELT Conference – OUP DAY in Belgrade on 25 February 2012 has started. Great event, limited number of seats, so please register ASAP.

The single home-grown presenter at the conference is Zoran Milojevic, who will familiarize the participants with an E-learning training program for teachers. I am sure many of us teachers in Serbia are grateful to him for being a resourceful and most helpful  beacon.

The quest for the holy grail of educational technology continues, with Shaun Wilden, who will provide some insight into adopting a technological approach to homework. (Yes, Virginia, homework can be varied, interesting, purposeful, motivating and engaging.)

The attendees will also have the privilege of listening to The Michael Swan of Grammar and English Usage, who will present some golden principles involved in the design of grammar-teaching and practice materials.  Grammar doesn’t have to be grey, especially if you can find Oxford English Grammar Course at the end of the rainbow.

If you are one of the many who love Dominoes graded readers (my students do!), you are certainly familiar with Bill Bowler. His session will examine “the benefits of extensive reading, and look at ways in which we can make ER an attractive proposition for today’s students by meeting the digital natives half-way”.

The lucky ones attending the event shall receive an Oxford Professional Development certificate.

Don’t forget the 20% discount on purchases of all OUP titles with a special discount for Oxford English Grammar Course at the The English Book book display.


Bonus good news:  New coursebooks are being accredited for the next school year.  Can you guess which ones?


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