Universal Children’s Day

Today, on 20 November, we observe Universal Children’s Day.

I like the fact that today it is a universal day, not an international day, not a world day. It’s universal.

This year  the Convention on the Rights of the Child turned 22. These rights include:

    • the right to develop to the fullest;
    • the right for protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation;
    • the right to participate fully in family, cultural and social life.

There can be no rights without responsibility. And we teachers, no matter how tied our hands are, are responsible for both the education and the well-being of our students.  No ‘coasting schools’, no turning a blind eye to bullying, no indifference, no complacency. (And, of course, we would like our students and their parents to act responsibly themselves.)

What could we do to mark this day?

  • With our young learners, a simple exercise on dreaming up a bright and colourful future (I want …. )

  • Enjoy a playful afternoon outdoors or indoors with your own children and your friends’ children.


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