European Antibiotic Awareness Day: never bug out

November 18 is the European Antibiotic Awareness Day. Considering that we are are facing the onset of the flu and cold season, we could stretch the awareness day to an awareness month.


In our English classes, it is also an opportunity for some CLIL about microbes.

You can ask your students to visit e-bug, “a free educational resource for classroom and home use and makes learning about micro-organisms, the spread, prevention and treatment of infection fun and accessible for all students.” The site contains special resources for junior and senior students as well as teachers.


No time to engage in the above activities?

Here are three half-a-minute videos created by the English Department of Health, with the same message: “Take care, not antibiotics“,  that we can use as a conversation starter, or for reinforcing health-related (and other) idioms, words, phrases and collocations.

  • And here is a just as short but more informative TV spot from the 2009 campaign:

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