Teacher development: Marija & Jasmina to your aid

The British Council office in Belgrade will host another inspiring event on Sunday, 27 November 2011. This time it is a 4-workshops-in-1-seminar titled Professional Development – Looking Back And Looking Forward To It.

  • Teacher Development – So Far,-  the participants will be asked to share their experiences and to define the stage of professional development they are in and how they plan their CPD.
  • Online CPD –   about free opportunities for teachers’ PD, such as British Council Online Courses
  • Evaluate and Select Websites – Marija Lukač’s experience at the BC’s “Learning Technologies Essentials” course, giving insight into evaluation and selection of websites for teachers and students.
  • Teacher Development – So Good – coming to rescue to all teachers experiencing burnout (this means YOU too).

Why attend?

  • The topic – professional development is a must these days.
  • The presenters – Marija Lukač ex Kovač is not just an excellent English teacher, but also a genuine agent of change, one of the down-to-earth, self-propelled, creative pillars of ELTA, one who never stopped caring and sharing with other teachers.



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