Halloween infographics – no tricks, just real treats

Some of us teachers might be avoiding Halloween activities in the classroom for so many reasons:

  • I’m teaching adults, you know; they just don’t care about this stuff.
  • It’s just sooo commercialized. I’m not going to support it!
  • A festival that endorses horror and fear? Well, not for my little angels, uh-uh.
  • My students’ parents are dead against it. I don’t need another conflict.
  • What’s that got to do with the cultural heritage of the people in this country? And don’t come up with that argument that I could have my students compare Halloween customs with our Poklade, busójárás, or farsang.
But even these abstainers could take a peek at these fun and interesting infographics, and perhaps even dare to use them in class as fun 5-minute activities.
The first one is from history.com. It can be used for a scanning reading activity, where each student is given a number from the infographics and has to report on it to the class, or you could have groups of students racing against each other, or …


This one by Lemon.ly via visul.ly is more just for fun and a great visual prompt as a conversation starter for young adult and not so young adult learners.

If you are teaching business English, here is a real treat for you.
And some more infographics can be found here.
And more genuine, graphically digested facts could be created by your students.
Have fun!
                   – or not.

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