Cambridge Day 2011

  • What:               Cambridge Day 2011 – Belgrade
  • (B2 and C1 level Grammar, Vocabulary and Listening)
  • When:              Saturday, 29 October 2011
  • Time:                9 am – 4 pm
  • Where:              Belgrade, Učiteljski fakultet, Kraljice Natalije 43
  • Organized by:    Cambridge University Press, British Council & Cambridge ESOL
  • Presenters:      Mary Spratt and Bob Obee

Mary Spratt:

  • Teaching vocabulary to more advanced learners

“This talk will look at what makes teaching vocabulary to more advanced level learners different from teaching it at lower levels. It will then move on to suggesting teaching ideas that focus on these areas of difference –participants will be invited to share their ideas too. The talk will make reference toCAEbut will be relevant to all teachers of more advanced learners.”

  • Listening and the upper intermediate and more advanced learner

“We sometimes think that learners at upper intermediate level and above don’t really have any problems with listening. But in fact they do, as it is often particularly at these levels that they need to cope with different features of connected speech in authentic texts, a range of accents and a wide variety of kinds of listening text on lots of different topics.

This workshop will suggest some teaching strategies for dealing with these areas, particularly but not only in reference to the FCE and CAE Listening Papers.”

Bob Obee:

  • Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation: The Use of English Teacher’s Task. 

“This talk will explore issues and techniques in preparing candidates for the grammar and vocabulary challenges of Paper 3 at B2 and C1 levels. It will consider these challenges in relation to the different dimensions of the exam preparation teacher’s task:  integrating meaningful exam practice with language learning, raising exam task awareness and training students in exam technique.”  

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