Belgrade Oxford Day in good company

The English Book – Oxford Day at Sava Centar in Belgrade on 5 November will bring you not only seven accredited hours, but also a close encounter with Özge Karaoğlu, Nik Peachy and Vaughan Jones. (+ a chance to listen to ME & BC reps.)


Some of us are already indebted to Özge Karaoğlu, her blog, SEETA online course “Jazz Up Your Lessons With Digital Storytelling“, and all her useful tweets. This time she will treat us to her presentation on Four Skills Challenge Through Technology.

Nik Peachey is a renowned 2.0 polymath for many two- and three-letter acronyms. Some of us must remember his online workshop for Serbian English teachers made available at the British Council in January 2011.  He is also the author of Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers and From Knowledge to Information.

Vaughan Jones is one of the co-authors of Macmillan’s Inside-Out and the sequels New Inside-Out and the New American Inside-Out (no prequels announced yet). His presentation is a must-see event, because Jones is not just a product developer and preacher – he IS an experienced teacher.

Furthermore, you also get a chance to experience how great our ELT community in Serbia is: last year there were some 1,000 English teachers from the entire country attending the event. A unique opportunity to meet old friends and embrace new ideas.

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